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* I STRONGLY RECOMMEND The Entire Enterprise, ITz Book, ITz Project Sue Vaccaro New York, NY Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer Award Winning Filmaker Nominated as Globial Producer of the Year in 2016 and 2017 Masters degree in Education. Studied law Teacher for 25 years Awarded:Who's Who in College Awarded:Who's Who as one of America's Teachers Awarded:Who's Who as a Producer Dear Eva Heather Kerr, you are a great example of a strong woman who is following her dreams in making a difference in the world we live in. Your visions to help educate and guide children of the world are made possible through your talents shown through your work. Our children are the future of the world, teach them to have kindness, to love others, to learn about the world and they will pass that on as they continue to grow. Your ability to connect with children, teenagers and people is a special gift. You have a beautiful, kind and loving heart. Through your books children will experience this plus learn while enjoying to read. This world needs more talented and positive people like you to help in the future of the children. Let's not let the word "Family" disappear. Let's not let the dreams of a child disappear. Let them express themselves while learning from those who are guiding with love. Eva, you guide them with your talent, with your kindness and understanding that they have feelings too. Thank you for making a difference in the future of our children....in the future of our world!

Sue Vaccaro


* Thursday, 06 September 2018 05:40 posted by Cindy Gutterman I Recommend ITz Book, Project and ITz Enterprises U.K. ( Eva Heather Kerr and Suzanne Dawson) Cindy Gutterman Gutterman Production New York, NY (Tony Award Winning Producers, Drama League Award.... ) This is unbelievable. Eva you have done a superior job and you certainly have worked hard enough. If we can be of help getting this out there let us know.

Cindy Gutterman


* Audrey Schilt President and CEO Creative Outcomes Inc. New York, USA ( Artist, Designer, Illustrator. Worked with Halston and Ralph Lauren. Designed for Jacqueline Kennedy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emmy Rossum, Julianne Moore.... ) I Truly Recommend ITz Enterprises UK Eva, Your energy and dedication are like wind under the wings of artists young and old. Your are a bright light in an ocean filled with darkness , light that escorts the sailor home. There should be no reservation for anyone who is in touch with their heart and soul to unzip their pocketbooks and support and sponsor ITz project. Best wishes Audrey

Audrey Schilt


* Sandi Bass International New York, USA Present in 17 Countries and 30 US States Casting/ International Scout Your beautiful heart always shows Eva Sandi Bass

Sandi Bass


* Recommendation Sharon Barnett Broadway Musical Writer/ Producer New York, NY Eva Heather Kerr we believe in you. Suzanne Dawson and Eva Heather Kerr This Book is wonderful, creative treat that will be loved today and always. Very special book indeed !!!!!

Sharon Barnett


* Susan McGraw Keber. Writer and Illustrator Dear Eva You send messages to inspire and touch hearts. Your presence in my life and all those you touch is immeasurable. Thank you always for being the beautiful person you are, in heart,soul and mind.

Susan McGraw Keber


* 5.0 out of 5 starsITz is magical and beautiful...ITz is about LOVING & being LOVED By Susan McGraw Keber *Illustrator and Writer September 7, 2018 The authors of ITz are remarkably intuitive and share their vision of a better world through the simple human traits we all can relate to....compassion, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, and most of all...LOVE. Sharing a story with a child or reading as an adult, their daily messages on social media reflect their inner souls and intentions...there are lessons to be learned and absorbed for daily life. I highly recommend their website and books!

Susan McGraw Keber


* Thank you with all my heart Eva, your dedication, compassion, empathy and worldly love that goes into your passion for the children give us all hope for tomorrow. You work tirelessly dedicating your time, creative efforts, contacts and connections from all corners of the globe, to tell wonderful stories and publications, I highly recommend. Well done, wishing you much success.

Amanda Bransgrove


* I highly recommend ITz Enterprises UK. Fantastic creativity together with professional publishing. Wonderful and touching story telling moving the hearts of children and adults alike ! Just beautiful!

Christa Udell


* Maureen J. O’Sullivan (Retired. Paediatrician) Hastings, St. Leonards , England I recommend this entire enterprise with pride and without moment of hesitation. In the late 80’s / 1990, Rye Hillhouse Hospital housed and cared for the mentally ill adult patients. Adjoined to the main building was a Rehabilitation Centre/ Clinique for Children. Rye Hospitals were critically understaffed and drastically underfunded. We desperately needed volunteers, but understood that the responsibility and workload was a heavy load. Eva, you were the youngest and so full of joy, giving love and dedication. Patients and the entire staff could always rely on you. I wish everyone would hear the story of ( YOUR MIRACLE) a very, very stubborn mule and the 5 year old twin brothers, diagnosed with a severe autism. Eva, I will always remember your persistence and determination especially on that particular day. I see the two little boys walking out the door and crossing the small path bridge. From that day, I believe in the nature and power of love and of intuitive healing. Please tell the story in the book, ITs was born at that time and so ITz needs to be celebrated. With gratitude Maureen.

Maureen J. O’Sullivan


* Eva your passion for education always motivates me and reminds me why I teach. My personal experience and involvement with Forum was as a writer and Artivist. Sharing sustiababe practice at home focused on whanau. Family. Connecting with founders of art movements globally that activate positive change. Kauapapa. Vision and Purpose. COMPASSION THROUGH PASSION. I absolutley Loved my experience as volunteer for Forum Time a global and Forum Kids Eva Heather Kerr. For many reasons. What is happening in New zealand right now is keeping me busy offline more than online. Plenty to share here if that portal is still open xxx Volunteers Care xxx Arohanui from Aotearoa Sallie Dunford New Zealand

Sallie Dunford


* I Recommend ITz Enterprises UK, as a Leader of New Product Ideas, Product Designed, Social Media Marketing, Brand Development and Creating New Brand, Visionary Creator of New Complete Projects, Media, Great Character Designing, Charitable Work Globally.

Isabel Lorenzo Brocket NY, NY


* Joseph Vogt Former President/ Owner CRITICAL MASS , Production, Special Effects, Animation ( San Francisco, London, Warsaw ) I Very Highly Recommend ITz Enterprises U.K. I have known Eva, since 1996 and have had the pleasure of working or collaborating on several projects. Professionalism, Great Creative Talent, Dedicated to Children in Need World-over. We have met in 1996, when Eva has been organising “Global Conference Against Violence in TV and Film”. Conference has been attended by Producers, Writers, Politicians, Organisations from many countries. Supported by UE, and Women in Film, as well as :ZDF TV, RTL 7, TVN, ITN..... Many Great Prominent Public Personalties have supported this great cause, and to name but a few: Lord and Lady Attenborough, Sir David Putnam, Rupert Murdoch, Joseph Adelman ( former Senior Vice President of Paramount Pictures. Suzanne Dawson and Eva, Your Company has Designed a fabulous project, which deserves to become Great Success as a film, book series, fabulous children’s TV Show and not forgetting the New Brand, which I predict another Big Hit with Children from all over the world. Thank You for the manuscript of the book Eva. Beautifully written and illustrated. Congratulations. Entertain, Educate, Elevate Hearts Joseph Vogt

Joseph Vogt


* Well there is nothing you can complaint about when it comes to Eva. She is certainly one of the best human I ever came across with and this completely reflects in her work as well. She is really concerned what kind of message is being delivered to the kids. I highly recommend ITz books as they brought me closer to my kids. I am looking forward to work with her again.

Alex Grants HOD Marketing SEO PROHUB UK


* Simply the BEST. Eva and Suzanne. Brilliant, Creative Tandem 💯+💯✨

Cara Schultz


* Sarah Elizabeth Epstein Los Angeles, USA Advertising & Publishing CEO I highly recommend ITz Enterprises UK One word ...... BRILLIANT!!!

Sarah Elizabeth Epstein


* Elizabeth Pickering Mom of 3 Florida, USA My children and I highly recommend ITz book. Thank you for the fun and beautiful lessons learned. Suzanne Dawson and Eva Heather Kerr. I did the Victory dance with kids ?

Elizabeth Pickering


* I highly recommend ITz really is book “The Amazing Encounter. Teresa Kasprzak Martins New York, NY USA I bought initially one book, but my sons enjoyed it so much ( learned by heart The victory dance” !), I bought 4 more for my nieces and nephews as a Christmas gifts. Looking forward to next books in the series ! Thank you for the wisdom and laughter Suzanne Dawson and Eva Heather Kerr. Love from our family.

Teresa Kasprzak Martins


* I Recommend ITz Company Zehra C. Adani Cevahir Gebze, Turkey Thank You once again for outreaching to Syrian Children. Thank You for all the help during this last visit. Thank You for the books, notebooks, the amazing blackboards, for the toys and so much more. You are right, Educated Children will become Strong and Wise Adults. Please support ITz Company efforts to make a better world for children globally. I am a musician, screenwriter, Production Management Officer Zehra C. Adanir Cevahir

Zehra C. Adani Cevahir


* My Pleasure To Recommend ITz Enterprises U.K. Ted Baker Magic Maker in the Advertising World. New York, NY , USA Exceptional Imaginative Creativity. Congratulations ! Creative Slogans are the Best for The Best... Hats off !!!

Ted Baker


* Keith Frank Contributing Reporter to Forum Teen and Forum Time Magazine Malmo, Sweden I Recommend ITz Enterprises UK Thank You to Eva Heather Kerr and Suzanne Dawson , creators of FT Magazines. This was a great opportunity for me to share my passions and interests with my friends around the world. I have made many friends and learned about investigative reporting. Today I am studying journalism and proudly share my experiences . Wishing you more success.

Keith Frank


* Without any hesitation, I strongly RECOMMEND ITz Enterprises UK Anna Woods Freelance Fashion & Art Journalist London United Kingdom Congratulations to Eva Heather Kerr and Suzanne Dawson for taking on the challenge of organising such prestigious projects as the Exhibition of Audrey Schilt’s Artwork. I believe this will be the Show/ Exhibition That Fashion and Art Lovers will enjoy and remember. The Book will no doubt, greatly compliment it and give the full scope of Ms Schilt’s great talent.

Anna Woods


* Satya Reid Los Angeles, CA, USA Pay TV Co-owner,, Chief Engineer and Operator I Recommend ITZ Enterprises, Eva’s Team and Projects. I’ve worked for Eva in the early and formative years of Kerr Enterprises , I was setting up all infrastructure and productivity tools. As our BOSS , Eva proved dedicated, hard working, resourceful amazingly creative, very skilful at everything she has undertaken.. Eva is a good and honest person, respecting and uplifting every single person that worked for her or with her. I recommend Eva and ITz Enterprises UK to anyone that values highest quality work, time and creativity that can and does meet with impossible that becoming always more than possible.

Satya Reid


* Highly recommended! Dear Eva and Suzanne Highly Recommendable Enterprise That Gives so much to Children World-over. Much love and Respect with thanks for spreading kindness, love, caring and sharing. Looking forward to your new magazine, I am sure it will be a unique fun, educational joy for the children. Annabelle Firth-Cumming Primary school Head Teacher Brisbane, Australia

Annabelle Firth-Cumming


* Aristides Velazquez Daza Innovation and Inst. Mgm. La Mesa Baja, California, Mexico I Recommend and Endorse Eva Heather Kerr and ITz Enterprises U.K. Creative Arts, Creative Merchandising, Story Telling.

Aristides Valazquez Daza


* My Recommendation to ITz Enterprises and FORUM Magazines My name is TATTOO , I am 16 years old and live in Paris, France. I have been given the chance to interview Stars, write and submit my articles to this amazing magazine. I personally have been going through some very bad life experiences and thanks to Eva Heather Kerr and her support, I became stronger, much more confident and capable of being and feeling my WORTH in Society. Thank You FORUM and thank you amazing Eva. I hope that Sponsors will see ,, what us, kids and teens seen in the opportunity given to us.



* Tammy Sprenkeling Hoofddorf , Netherlands Vrienden van den Olifant Recommendation Eva, you enlighten the hearts and life of many, you are an inspiration, always full love and care no matter what !

Tammy Sprenkeling


* Adam (Gryg ) Thomson Benicia, CA Writer, Animator, Designer Father and Grandfather (young) I Recommend ITz Enterprises and ITz Project You are looking for the IMPOSSIBLE? Take your dreams to Eva.... Everything in her mind, heart and hands becomes Possible! I remember well, when and why you have created ITs. Your generosity and kindness is always well wrapped in love. Children can feel safe and loved under your wings. Someone in Recommendations said, “If anyone Can, You Can ! How very true ! Its was created in 1996 ? Originally named ITs, this was a Brick Boy, the coolest little cheeky brick in a baseball cap. Created to heal children and to teach them to dream, believe and feel, to win over all adversities. I still have the first, initial drawing of yours, later it was drawn by Ewa Dudelewicz, am I Right? Congratulations on your entire ITz Project, unbelievable work of creative genius. Congratulations to Suzanne for becoming your Partner in Crime, big responsibility, challenge, but for many it would be a dream come true. I will of course buy the book for my grandchildren and hope that you will come and visit us in Benicia. Love to you both Adam.

Adam Thomson


* Carole Galanaugh Lavin New York, NY Entrepreneur, Model... I Recommend ITz Enterprises UK Suzanne Dawson and Eva Heather Kerr and... My great grand son Chase just loves your book and BTW so does his dad, my grandson. I have to purchase this fabulous book for myself. xo Carole

Carole Galanaugh Lavin


* Alejandro Fabian Morales Los Angeles, CA (Animation) Recommendation without Hesitation! to ITz Enterprises Company Eva, your creativity, visions, professionalism are to be admired and appreciated by the top professionals and by those that will enjoy your work. Your dedication to Children’ Causes, Education is to be admired and supported by those in a position to Sponsor or Invest. You have real touch of magic.

Alejandro Fabian Morales


* This book is a wonderful creative treat that will be loved today and always. Very special book indeed!!!!!!



* I Recommend ITz Company Zehra C. Adani Cevahir Gebze, Turkey I send thanksgiving to Eva Kerr for her tireless work, love and dedicated work on behalf of Children. Eva has Friends That will follow her to hell and back. She organised, financed and lead group of international volunteers to, Sudan, Syria and never refused any call for help. She paid a very heavy price on our last journey.... Please support her efforts to make a better world for children. I am a musician, screenwriter and of late Production Management Officer Zehra C. Adanir Cevahir

Zehra C. Adani Cevahir


* Recommendations Recommendations Recommendations T.M Schonfeld ( Media ) Atlanta GA, USA Eva, You have impressed me in 1995 and I know your Talent. If anyone CAN, you CAN. Congratulations on the entire project. TM

T.M Schonfeld


* I full heartedly recommend the book. Clarissa Vishnopolsky Atlanta, USA Mother of 3 and Teacher at Primary School Dear Suzanne Dawson and Eva Heather Kerr I received an ebook “ ITz...really is”, My children love the book and absolutely fell in love with all the characters. Tamara is 12 and she loved the girls and ITz. Please continue with the stories and keep encouraging love and joy in children . Fascinating website, Congratulations to both of you.

Clarissa Vishnopolsky


* Congratulations Eva! You are so talented and have such passion for your work and it shows in your book and illustrations! You are well respected and loved. I wish you continued success! Well Done!!

Darlene Goster


* Michal Nogal Owner at: FORUM GRAPHIC STUDIO- Warsaw Poland I have worked with Eva and Suzanne for well over 4 years on various projects. I have learned so much about the quality of: designing, video making, publishing and visual importance of each image... importance of the light, shade, colours, visualisation and above all, to deliver best quality of work and respect Time and Money. I couldn’t be more lucky, than to learn with both and I hope to continue the magical work with ITz Enterprises UK Michal

Michal Nogal


* I highly recommend ITz Enterprises UK outstanding creativity. Professionalism in the fields of: Publishing, Character Design, Writing, New Product Development, New Brand Creativity and Delivery. Outstanding knowledge of the Market Needs and Skilful Communication Abilities.

T. B Mubarak (United Emirates) Producer, Writer, Musician/Composer


* Great project. We would be interested in a collaboration. Transforming ITz into an animated series and participating in the sweet product.

Manish Rajoria “Purple Turtle“ Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


* Outstanding creativity, storytelling.

Erika Ragazzi (Professore Presso Liceo Musicale, Composer Violinist


* Excellent creative arts and storytelling.

Nancy Seymour (World Spirit Com Net)