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* Alicia Strona, Chicago,Il, USA Staying at home momma of 5 little rascals age 6-11 I Recommend the book “ITz really is. Suzanne and Eva, We have received your book a few days ago, if I have said my children love it, it would be a great understatement. Fabulous and my 8 year old son, Teddy is a dyslexic and he understood your message. Now, my kids do the VICTORY DANCE every morning? God bless you both and we cannot wait for the next adventures. With love from Strona family. Alicia, hubby and the kids?


* Samuel M Kids filmmaker ( Florida) USA Following the adventures and interested to see MORE!!! Yes , it will make fantastic Kids programming. Congratulations to the creators of Itz.

Samuel M


* One of the best Family Sunday Reading we have enjoyed for a very long time. Helena and Thomas Warner Suzanne Dawson and Eva Heather Kerr, we have enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the next books in the series. Congratulations from Warner Family and thank you for the Wonderful Wisdom. Miami, Florida

Helena and Thomas Warner


* My great grand son Chase just loves your book and BTW so does his dad, my grandson. I have to purchase this fabulous book for myself. xo

Carole Galanaugh Lavin


* I full heartedly recommend the book. Clarissa Vishnopolsky Atlanta, USA Mother of 3 and Teacher at Primary School Dear Suzanne Dawson and Eva Heather Kerr I received an ebook “ ITz...really is”, My children love the book and absolutely fell in love with all the characters. Tamara is 12 and she loved the girls and ITz. Please continue with the stories and keep encouraging love and joy in children . Fascinating website, Congratulations to both of you. Clarissa and Children

Clarissa Vishnopolsky


* What a wonderful book. Congratulations Suzanne Dawson and Eva Heather Kerr. I will most certainly recommend your book to my sons friends. Elizabeth Ohio USA

Elisabeth Radcliffe





* Great book, bought 3 copies 1 for my boys and 2 as gifts.

Mrs tracy bentouati


* Beautiful book that brings joy! Was delighted to buy for my Grandsons. They are loving it!

Sharon Barnett-Fischer


* An incredible book. Adults and children will get something out of it. A wonderful imagination and well written!

Amazon Customer


* Bought as a present for my 8yr old step daughter for bedtime stories. She loved it and so far i have read it to her 5 times!. Was quite surprised how educational it was, she had a good few questions about astronomy as we went through the story. Looking forward to book 2.



* I am 13 years old and just finished reading this book.. all I can say is wow!!! it’s so addictive and you just want to keep reading and reading and reading until the book finishes! I can’t wait for book 2 congrats Suzanne this book is BRILLIANT.